Soh Kee Siong, Best Performance Award 2017/ Best Student Of 2017

After two years of struggle and effort, we finally graduated. In the past two years, there are laughter and also tears. Soon we will have to go our own way.   I am honoured and happy to have this award. To get this award, it not only by my own efforts, and also motivation from people who support me. The most I want to thank is my parents. Without their teaching, encouragement, support and help, I may not study at Pintar College, or may not be particularly outstanding, not even to have this glory. So this glory, it does not only belong to me alone but it is also belong to those who support me.   In addition, I would also like to thank the President Founder of Pintar College, Mr Jimmy and teachers for their careful cultivation and help. Besides, their spirit of never give up at any student’s which is very worth for our respect. Therefore, I am also proud to being part of Pintar College.   As a conclusion, I believe that this is only a part of our life; I hope that all of us will have a better future. As long as you always remember this: ‘effort isn’t make us success necessarily, but without hard work we will not succeed’ and the spirit of never give up! I love Pintar College, thanks Pintar College.

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