Project Description


The Diploma in Early Childhood Education programme is designed to meet the market needs for early childhood educators. Graduates can serve both government and private sectors such as in the preschools and kindergartens and other children’s recreation centres. This programme is central to the nation’s future development, graduates are trained to continuously collaborate, demonstrate knowledge, skills, critical and reflective thinking of their work in line with the Malaysian education policies and practices.

Our country aims to achieve developed status as outlined in vision 2020. In line with government’s aspiration to democratise education and turn Malaysia as educational hub in the region among international students, the offering of this programme will certainly contribute to the achievement of this mission.

This programme is designed with several learning outcomes which aim towards producing candidates with qualities sought after by the industries. These are the qualities essential for candidates to be competitive and relevant to the needs of the industries.

The programme learning outcomes entail that graduates of this diploma programme shall possess the following skill sets:

  • Knowledge
  • Critical thinking and Problem Solving
  • Effective Communication
  • Integrity and Balanced Demeanour
  • Team Player
  • Information Savvy
  • Proactive and Independent Personality

Graduates employability is 100 % due to the high demand, in line with the government’s initiative to strengthen early childhood education, as well as to ensure that staff employed in early childhood and care education need to have a minimum qualification of Diploma in Early Childhood Education.

All the mentioned skill sets mapped in the programme learning outcome are very much needed for graduates to excel in your chosen career options or further education options mentioned above.

The pathway for Early Childhood Education:

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  • Curriculum Planning and Development
  • Teaching and Learning Strategies in Early Childhood Education
  • Teaching and Learning Strategies in Early Childhood Education
  • Home, School and Community Partnerships
  • Music and Creative Movement in Early Childhood Education
  • Guiding Young Children In Early Childhood Education
  • Early Language Development in Early Childhood Education
  • Numeracy in Early Childhood Education
  • Early Science and Technology
  • Social and Emotional Development in Early Childhood Education
  • Creative Arts
  • Language and Literacy
  • Children with Special Needs
  • Play and Exploration in Early Childhood Education
  • Administration and Management of Early Childhood Centre
  • Assessment and Evaluation In Early Childhood Education
  • Action Research in Early Childhood Education
  • Children’s Safety, Health and Nutrition
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SPM / O Level: 3 credits (C) in any subjects

UEC: 3 credits (B6) in any subjects

  • Early Childhood Education Practitioners
  • Operators And Administrators Of Care And Education Centres
  • Tadika/ Taska Managers
  • Organisers And Coordinators Of Recreation Activities
  • Parent/Child Consultants
  • Children’s Event Management
  • Child Music, Drama Media Content Expert
  • Manufacturers And Promoters Of Learning Materials And Resources;

January, April/May, and September


2.5 years (2 years study + 6 months practicum)